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Loves Data is a digital agency at the cutting edge of digital analytics. We present training, industry events and conferences, as well as provide strategic consulting and digital campaign management. Get in touch to find out how we can help make data work harder for you.

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Whether you’re new to online marketing and measurement, studying to take your individual qualification exams, or wanting to boost your digital skills, Loves Data will take your knowledge to the next level. Find out more.

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We work with clients using an integrated consulting model, through a combination of analysis, campaign management and conversion optimisation. Take a data-first approach to your digital marketing activities and grow your online results. Find out more.

Latest blog posts

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Solar Shining Day & Night

22 May 2015

Tesla’s Powerwall is rewriting the renewable energy cycle and stealing the spotlight but it’s really only one in a growing series of technological advancements that have put solar at the forefront of the ongoing energy crisis. By investing heavily in research and the development of its Gigafactory in Nevada, Tesla is strategising the storage and delivery …


Aussie Businesses taking it to market on Instagram

21 May 2015

Social media marketing isn’t new – businesses of all forms and sizes have taken to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to join the conversation online. Brands post content daily, sometimes hourly, hoping to raise awareness, spread messages and reach new audiences with the products they sell or services they offer.


Early Success for Apple Medical ResearchKit

20 May 2015

Just eight weeks after being launched, Apple’s iPhone ResearchKit is producing benefits. Medical researchers, for example, have been able to sign up more than 11,000 volunteer participants for a cardiovascular disease study in one day. It used to take a year! With more than 700 million iPhone users worldwide, ResearchKit enables medical researchers to commence …

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