Join digital analytics thought leaders at the Google Analytics User Conference in Sydney and Melbourne

Krista Seiden, Google

Krista Seiden,

Tim Wilson, Analytics Demystified

Tim Wilson,
Analytics Demystified

Aurélie Pols, Krux

Aurélie Pols,

Benjamin Mangold, Loves Data

Benjamin Mangold,
Loves Data

Elisa Koch, LinkedIn

Elisa Koch,

Jeff Sauer, Jeffalytics

Jeff Sauer,



Marketers today have exciting and challenging roles meeting diverse moods, needs, intentions and contexts of curious and highly connected target audiences on the move. Hand-picked speakers for our Analytics Conference know your world, you will share in the insights of global strategists from Google, Krux and LinkedIn, as well as the experiences of experts from leading edge digital agencies from the USA and Europe.



Web developers, IT engineers and other professionals with technical qualifications and an interest in marketing and human behaviour, are in demand as the digital economy grows and people’s lives become increasingly inseparable from technology. Likeminded nerds from Google’s own Google Analytics team in Mountain View and other local and international experts will share their knowledge.



The Internet of Things and all the information and data generated by multiple channels and devices, present new challenges and opportunities to marketing and technical professionals responsible for analysing and reporting results in meaningful and readily accessible and actionable ways. This year’s conference includes data visualisation expertise at the leading edge of the art of visual communication using 3D printing.



Whether you are just starting out, looking to increase your skills, update your knowledge, develop a team, roll out new campaigns or improve your websites, our courses will help you achieve your goals.



The 2016 Analytics Conference theme is "Getting personal with digital analytics - understanding the people behind the data". It’s our 5th annual conference in conjunction with Google.



Everything we do is data-driven, our integrated campaigns across channels and devices bring together analysis, strategy and optimisation dynamically, to measure, test and improve your marketing.