Measure Page and Website Loading Speed in Google Analytics

You can now measure the loading time of your pages and overall website inside Google Analytics. The time your pages take to load and the overall responsiveness of your site are critical in terms of usability, conversions, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and CPC (Cost Per Click). So it is great to be able to measure this.

Loading speed is also an important factor in how your website ranks in Google organic (free) search results and landing pages that are slow to load impacts your Google AdWords Quality Score.


Using these new reports you will be able to quickly identify slow loading pages and differences in loading speed for your various marketing campaigns, geographic areas and even website browsers. Moving forward you can work with your web developers to ensure visitors have an enhanced experience.


You can also look for a correlation between conversions (or conversion rate) and loading speed. If loading time is impacting heavily on your objectives then it is definitely worth knowing about!

Extra Google Analytics Site Speed Resources:

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