This year marks the fifth annual conference since we launched it with Google in 2012. In five short years, the conference, digital analytics and Google Analytics especially, have changed and grown remarkably!

This year, we’ll bring you the latest trends, theories, techniques and tips to help you measure and optimise your content and campaigns across devices and channels. Whether you're technical or marketing, or some shade of nerdiness in between, we’ll have presentations to inform your decisions, teach you new things and inspire you.

Catch up, learn, change! Join us for Masterclass and Conference days in Sydney or Melbourne.

Who attends the conference?

There is no typical profile of attendees at our Analytics Conference however our analysis of job titles reflects research conducted by the Digital Analytics Association on competencies. People involved in marketing strategies and technical professionals from coders to statisticians are all represented with increasing overlaps in roles.

Amazing two days of learning and meeting interesting people at the Google Analytics Conference
— Dr Jürgen Strauss

Previous conference feedback highlights the quality and value of information, knowledge and experience shared with passion by experts as the core sources of satisfaction for attendees.