Case Study: Amnesty International Australia 

Amnesty International Australia Increases Online Donations by 37.77%

Loves Data provided the expertise we needed, we were able to eliminate the guesswork and perform an objective and statistically valid test which produced conclusive and greatly improved results.
— James Herlihy, Online Marketing Coordinator, Amnesty International Australia

Potential for Improvement

When looking at data from Google Analytics, Amnesty International Australia saw the need to improve their donation page and the potential to increase conversions for online donation campaigns.

"We knew from our Analytics funnels that a significant percentage of visitors were abandoning the donation landing page before completing the form," James Herlihy, Online Marketing Coordinator, Amnesty International Australia, says.

Loves Data showed Amnesty the possibilities for testing and improving the donation landing page and driving targeted traffic to achieve higher conversion rates.

Preparing Testing of the Donation Landing Page

Loves Data's team developed different variations for the layout, images and text on the donation page and reworked them to increase usability and engagement.

The form on the donation page was tested to see if changing the fields would increase the number of people engaging through the entire donation process.

Several page variations were discarded prior to testing on the basis of Loves Data's experience with Google Website Optimizer and the need to drive valid traffic volumes to the variations.

Running the Tests with Website Optimizer

The Website Optimizer tests were conducted by Loves Data over a number of weeks to ensure sufficient visitor numbers to:

  • Achieve statistically valid results
  • Determine the landing page with the winning combination of elements
  • Compare results of the winning landing page to the original landing page

Increasing Conversions

Loves Data successfully used Google Website Optimizer to make improvements to Amnesty International Australia's donation page. This resulted in a winning combination that increased donation page conversions by 37.77%. Importantly, the increase in conversions has been sustained for over six months and is still ongoing.

Google Website Optimizer made it possible to make risk-free changes to the donation page by testing different variations and to achieve a considerable increase in donations for Amnesty International Australia.