Case Study: Deckhouse

Google AdWords is key component in Deckhouse Advertising

Google AdWords connect people with the information you want them to see. With certified experts like Loves Data consulting on your account, you can be confident that your investment in this form of advertising delivers strategic, measurable and valuable results as effectively and efficiently as possible.
— Barb Moore, Events and Marketing Manager, Deckhouse

When Deckhouse opened on July 1, 2010, it entered into Sydney's highly competitive market of waterfront venues. Owned and managed by the Dedes Group, a company that has been operating hospitality establishments for over 30 years, Deckhouse opened with a strong advantage of being founded on great service and great quality food, but it required an innovative marketing strategy to surpass the competition.


With a crisp website supported by Google Analytics website visitor tracking and Google Adwords online advertising campaigns, Deckhouse established a significant online presence. "Our location on Sydney Harbour along with our owners' established reputation made traditional modes of advertising generating word-of-mouth a vital component of our communications strategy" says Barb Moore, Events and Marketing Manager of Deckhouse. "But we also knew how important it was to establish Deckhouse's online presence, connecting people conducting generic online searches with information on our venue." The Deckhouse team engaged Loves Data, a Google AdWords Certified Partner, to develop highly targeted Google AdWords campaigns to maximise leads, conversions and track ROI. 

Setting up targeted AdWords Campaigns

Loves Data, with Analytics Director Benjamin Mangold and astute online marketing team, worked with Deckhouse to create optimized AdWords campaigns with relevant keywords to reach customers online. The AdWords campaigns drove visitors to particular landing pages on Deckhouse's website that echoed their key word search. Seasonal campaigns were also created to target events throughout the year such as Father's Day, Melbourne Cup and New Year's Eve. Developing highly targeted campaigns ensured that AdWords would be used for targeted results.

Measuring Results

Conversion tracking and Google Analytics were implemented to track the number of enquiries generated from the contact page on the Deckhouse website. By measuring results and link leads with ad spend, Deckhouse was able to quantify the benefits of using Google AdWords.

Increasing enquiries with AdWords

AdWords campaigns are a valuable component of Deckhouse marketing. As of June 2011, Google AdWords delivered 35.81% of all Deckhouse online enquiries and people accessing Deckhouse's website through AdWords were 30.41% more likely to enquire than leads generated from other online platforms.