Case Study: Ecospill

Google Seminars for Success helps an Environmental Safety Company Increase Conversions by 25%

We wanted to refocus our online spend on bottom line results. Google Seminars for Success helped us increase qualified leads, conversions and ROI.

Google Seminars for Success are officially approved by Google and Benjamin is able to teach non-technical and technical people. He knows so much and is so passionate about sharing his knowledge. He is really focused on real world solutions and results.
— Melissa Goff, Marketing Director, Ecospill

Attracting Customers

Google is a key driver of leads, attracting customers to Ecospill's site and giving the company the opportunity to nurture sales. Google AdWords have helped Ecospill grow and stay ahead of the competition in a market stimulated by environmental regulations, industry's acceptance of its responsibilities and community pressure.

After increasing her budget without achieving the increase in leads and conversions she anticipated Ecospill's Marketing Director, Melissa Goff, realised she needed to improve the quality of her keywords and campaigns.

Creating Effective Campaigns

Melissa decided to learn how to do it herself and invest in professional training rather than hiring an agency. She began by signing up for Google AdWords Seminars for Success, then Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer Seminars.

Google Certified Trainer, Benjamin Mangold, Analytics Director, Loves Data, presented the training. Melissa learned how to select quality keywords and create targeted AdWords Campaigns.

Melissa also learned the importance of directing her AdWords Campaigns to landing pages on Ecospill's website. Optimized in terms of layout, content and calls to action.

Click Through Rate Measures Success

After attending Google AdWords Seminars for Success Melissa Goff was able to increase Ecospill's account-wide CTR (Click Through Rate) from 0.33% to 6% and conversions from Google by 25%.

Learning how to get the most out of her Google AdWords budgets, how to set goals and measure results using Google Analytics and how to test landing pages using Google Website Optimizer, has enabled Melissa to make Ecospill's website and online marketing much more effective.