Case Study: NIB Health Funds

Google Website Optimizer helps Health Fund Increase Conversions by 32.17%

Benjamin Mangold and his team at Loves Data showed us that Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer could meet our needs cost effectively. We proved that by using Google Website Optimizer to test design and colour variations of our online quote page we could improve usability and increase requests for quotes, resulting in more people joining online.
— Adam Hatfield, eCommerce and CRM Manager, NIB Health Funds

Using Website Optimizer to Test Colours and Layouts

The 'Health Insurance' landing page on was selected for conversion testing using Google Website Optimizer. The objective was to measure the effects of different design, layout and colour elements on the conversion rates for key actions by visitors.

Loves Data's team created seventeen variations of the 'Quick Quote' page with different combinations of design, layout and colour elements.

A variety of different colour buttons were also tested for the 'Join Today' as well as other buttons on the page to see if this made a difference to the number of visitors who engage with them.

This test provided the opportunity to conduct scientifically controlled conversion optimisation testing on the landing page to validate the use of different call to action colours on a page, which was predominantly green, in keeping with NIB's established brand colour.

Controlled Risk-Free Scientifically Based Results

Google Website Optimizer automatically presented the landing page variations to small but statistically valid samples of visitors and within a few weeks the data showed the preferred combination.

The web development team at NIB were able to further refine the design and layout of the landing page with orange buttons on the basis of objective data.

In response there was a 32.17% increase in visitors travelling through the new 'Quick Quote' landing page, which also translated into an increase of visitors flowing through to join online.

"For us as a business it was a good opportunity to question the status quo and allow us to test assumptions and make improvements on the basis of measured results," Adam said.

Plans For Future Conversion Optimization Tests

Having demonstrated how it can improve conversion rates so significantly, the web development team at NIB plans to make conversion testing an integral part of the design and development of their site.

They have also implemented other successful tests such as optimizing the home page quote form. Google Website Optimizer is now part of NIB's new web functionality design process.

"Website Optimizer was something new to NIB and it was critical that we worked closely with Loves Data," Adam said. "We learned a lot and built awareness of the power of these tools across the business. We also proved you can reduce the risk in changing key online design elements by testing first."