Case Study:

Google Analytics Data Accuracy Improves Marketing for

Working with Loves Data on our Google Analytics implementation has been a great success. Our business now has more insights and knowledge as a whole. We are able to make better and more informed decisions with regard to our marketing campaigns and budget allocation.
— Nic Blair, Digital Marketing Executive,

Transition to Google Analytics

When launched their new website in 2010 they migrated their visitor data to Google Analytics. Nic Blair, Digital Marketing Executive saw Google Analytics as a fast, flexible and cost effective way to get insights into visitor behaviour and allocate marketing budgets to build their accommodation brand.

"Benjamin Mangold, Analytics Director, and the team at Loves Data worked closely with us to implement Google Analytics," Nic Blair explained. "They made sure profiles were set up correctly and that our reporting was accurate."

Getting more Accuracy and Insights

Data accuracy, the flexibility to configure reports and ready access to data enabling it to be actioned, provided important benefits for in terms of tracking marketing goals, including targets for e-commerce sales. "Accurate, actionable data is what makes Google Analytics so valuable to," says Benjamin Mangold, Analytics Director, Loves Data.

"We also installed our Advanced Tracker solution to automatically track banners and specific search fields as events, giving extra insights into visitor behaviour and preferences."

Improving Marketing Decision-Making

Google Analytics has been a key factor in improving marketing decisions at "Having good quality, reliable data, helps us make objective decisions on changes to our website and how we allocate our budgets to different marketing channels," Nic Blair says.

"We can now track the success of different products and marketing campaigns and optimize the allocation of our marketing budget."