Case Study: Universal Music

Universal Music Gains Valuable Insights From Customised Google Analytics Tracking

Advanced Tracker gives us valuable insights into visitor preferences for individual products and artists as well overall trends. Being able to see how people are navigating the sites and where they are clicking in such detail is a real bonus for our business.
— Tim Lavelle, Development Manager, Universal Music Australia

Advanced Tracking for Multiple Websites

Tracking visitors across multiple websites to understand online visitor behaviour is essential for Universal Music Australia because music entertainment is such a trend-driven industry. “We provide many touch points for fans,” says Tim Lavelle, Development Manager at Universal Music Australia. “We need to see where visitors go on our sites and where they are dropping off.”

Universal Music Australia chose Google Analytics Certified Partners Loves Data to help with setting up their tracking after Mia McLeod, General Manager Digital, saw Benjamin Mangold, Search & Analytics Director at Loves Data, present at a Google Analytics Masterclass.

“Working with Loves Data we have implemented customised, robust and reliable tracking across our ever increasing number of websites,” Tim Lavelle explains. “Their Advanced Tracker solution automatically tracks visitors across multiple domains, which is a huge advantage for us.”

Loves Data set up cross-domain and sub-domain tracking and configured over 80 profiles in Google Analytics for Universal Music Australia, to filter information for each one of the domains.

Having a customised Google Analytics solution provides Universal Music Australia with a comprehensive overview as well as individual profiles for each website, resulting in more accurate data and better visibility across the different artist sites.

In-Depth Insights Automatically

Installing Loves Data’s Advanced Tracker solution on all of Universal Music Australia’s domains enabled automatic event tracking, including outbound links, downloads and other key site navigation elements. Advanced Tracker has provided Universal Music with high level headache-free tracking of visitor touch points, including site search functions.