Case Study: World Nomads

Advanced Tracking of Blogs Provides Valuable Insights for Travel Insurance

Measuring and Improving Online Experiences

World Nomads has numerous domains and sub-domains giving visitors plenty of scope to search across their websites for detailed and up to date travel information and tips. World Nomads also relies on web analytics data to measure and improve the online experience of visitors and customers. Working closely with Google Analytics Certified Partners, Loves Data, World Nomads has customised its implementation and reports to ensure data accuracy, reliability and usability.

The Loves Data team set up Google Analytics for us to make sure we are getting the most out of our tracking to understand what is working best for us in terms of engaging visitors. Having accurate and reliable web analytics data has been an important factor for managing our online activities.

Being able to track individual blog posts and measure the value they have for our customers and what they contribute to our bottom line allows us to experiment with new initiatives using data we can have confidence in.
— Chris Noble, General Manager, World Nomads

Implementing Advanced Tracking for More Insights

High volume traffic and complex visitor interaction on World Nomads’ websites required setup of advanced tracking. The Loves Data analytics team implemented their Advanced Tracker solution for cross-domain tracking and automatic tracking of events such as social engagement, cross-domains and outbound links.

The implementation of advanced features provided World Nomads with more detailed insights into the behaviour, preferences and engagement of visitors with the sites and blogs. “These additional insights are what makes Google Analytics so valuable to World Nomads,” says Benjamin Mangold, Search and Analytics Director, Loves Data.

Loves Data set up custom variables to track internal channels, making it possible to see the first and last touch points before visitors convert. This allows the World Nomads team to accurately measure and understand the value created by individual blog posts and content blocks within the World Nomads websites.

Attributing Value to Website Content

Being able to track interactions with particular content and touch points across multiple domains and sub-domains has helped World Nomads understand the revenue value of different sites, blog posts and visitor actions (‘events’) in conversions.

“Knowing the impact our different geographic websites, blogs and other content have on our conversion rates is invaluable,” says Chris Noble. “We can see what works and what doesn’t and where to invest our resources to make better business decisions and constantly improve our customers’ experience.”