Google For Nonprofits Featured Provider

Registered nonprofits can receive a discount on Loves Data’s Google Analytics and Google AdWords classroom-style training.


Loves Data launched the first Google Analytics training in Australia exclusively for nonprofits in 2008. Since then, a variety of nonprofits ranging from small niche organisations to international efforts have benefited from our training. The attendance of key staff from nonprofit organisations to our Google Analytics and Google AdWords training has resulted in important relationships between Loves Data and the community sector.

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We selectively provide proportional pro bono hours for registered nonprofits on our Google Analytics and Google AdWords Management Plans, including applying for, setting up and managing Google AdWords Grants.

Our work on donation landing pages, targeted Google AdWords campaigns, and assistance in obtaining and managing Google AdWords Grants for nonprofits, have produced significant increases in conversions and donations.

Our accreditations as Google Certified Partners and Google Certified Trainers for Google Analytics and Google AdWords, and a Google For Nonprofits Featured Provider, provide nonprofits in Australia with unique and integrated resources.

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We were able to eliminate the guesswork and perform an objective and statistically valid test which produced conclusive and greatly improved results.
— James Herlihy, Amnesty International Australia