Google Analytics vs. Microsoft Analytics


This is a historical post from 19 May 2008.



Why Microsoft adCenter Analytics suck!

I use Google products every day, there are a lot of things I like about Google products and some things that drive me insane but on the whole Google does the right thing - it keeps things fast and simple. This is exactly why Microsoft Analytics suck, Microsoft Analytics is what Google Analytics might be like if it had a hangover the day after its 75th birthday. I can almost hear it grumble each time a report loads.

There are a couple of things that don't suck about Microsoft Analytics when compared to Google Analytics but my dislikes push me over the edge. Each task seems to take more clicks in Microsoft Analytics and the touted gender, occupation and age segments leave a lot to be desired.

Stick with the snappy, responsive and friendly Google Analytics!


  • Slow loading time
  • Not optimized for viewing on normal size screens
  • Dynamic images rather than flash lead to a lot of loading and reloading
  • Breaks web browser back button
  • Times out quickly and forces you to log in over and over again


  • Simple media and downloads tracking (via modified tracking code)
  • Simple outbound link tracking (via modified tracking code)
  • Unrestricted number of goals and funnels

The great thing about Microsoft Analytics (and Yahoo! Analytics just around the corner) is that we all know the team at Google is going to be pushing even harder to make Google Analytics the best analytics solution on the market. Go you good thing!

The Microsoft Analytics visitors report is overly complex:



In comparison, the Google Analytics visitors report is a minimalists dream: