Analytics and AdWords Training

Loves Data Presents a Fresh Take on Analytics and AdWords Training If you have a Google Analytics or Google AdWords account setup for your business, you have access to quality data measuring visitor activity and advertising success. But, do you know how to capitalise on it?

Loves Data’s seminars train attendees to follow Google’s best practices on how to apply this data in order to improve online marketing and drive conversions for your business.

SYDNEY and MELBOURNE—This spring, Loves Data, a digital marketing company specialising in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, will roll out updated and enhanced training courses, offering seminars for each enterprise product.

“Our AdWords training is all about the very latest version of Google AdWords,” says Benjamin Mangold, Search & Analytics Director. “We stay on top of Google announcements—such as the recent Remarketing enhancements—and find inventive ways to incorporate these new features into our training,” adds Mangold.

Loves Data has been refining and perfecting Analytics and AdWords training since 2009, regularly adapting the seminars as Google releases new features and interfaces within the products.

What else is new? Loves Data’s Google Analytics Training Seminars now include coverage of Google Analytics Content Experiments, helping end-users run A/B conversion tests.

Additionally, attendees can expect to learn from various qualified trainers, each a Google certified individual with extensive account experience.

“So much has changed within both tools, which is exciting, but can make it hard to keep up,” explains Aisling Purcell, Digital Account Manager. “Loves Data’s training seminars bring together all the latest updates from Google Analytics and AdWords, so you can stay current and competitive.”

Some aspects of training have remained the same. For instance, the two-day seminars continue to be comprehensive, covering fundamentals to advanced skills in a classroom-style setting.

For dates, course outlines and testimonials, visit Love Data’s website for Google AdWords Training and Google Analytics Training.

For advice on which courses and days to attend, please email or call (02) 9960 6577.