Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium for a Faster, Smoother, Data-Driven Ride Google developed Google Analytics Premium in close consultation with eHarmony, Travelocity, Gucci and other enterprises leading the way in the digital economy. The common thread in these enterprises is the way they have made their Google Analytics set-ups, reporting, analysis and actions integral across their businesses.

Google Analytics Premium is a high end web analytics solution with one flat-rate annual fee developed in response to emerging tracking needs for organizations with high volume traffic requiring rapid processing of their website visitor data.

Premium features focus sharply on data speed, accuracy, reliability, accessibility and value in terms of insights, actions, decisions and bottom line results.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Data freshness: Your data is available within 4 hours.
  • Higher data limits: Track billions of hits per month.
  • Export more data: Export 1 million rows.
  • Guaranteed reliability: SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
  • 50 custom variables: Track more demographic and custom data than ever before.
  • Unsampled data: Download reports within unsampled data.
  • Attribution modeling tool: Choose your own attribution modeling for your marketing channel touch points.

Accuracy and Reliability

An important overarching aspect of Google Analytics Premium are Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with requirements for close to 100% accuracy and reliability of data delivery with compensation for downtime.

  • Collection: 99.9% of data collected.
  • Processing: 98.0% of data processed within 4 hours.
  • Reporting: 99.0% up-time to access reports.
  • Ownership: you own all of your data.

Service and Support

Google Analytics Premium service steps work from the known to the unknown systematically on the basis of a process designed to maximise the benefits by aligning data accuracy and reliability closely with data reporting needs and opportunities to meet and anticipate organisational objectives.

  • Objectives: review requirements, audit and implement.
  • Custom: customise installation, consulting and training.
  • Support: business hours support and emergency escalation.