Google Tag Manager Specialists

Loves Data Recognised as Google Tag Manager Specialists Google Tag Manager helps marketers centrally-manage and modify tags without the hassle of going through the IT department.

SYDNEY — Loves Data announces its official status as a Google Tag Manager specialist.

Australian Google Certified Partner Loves Data was selected by Google as certified specialists since the launch of Google Tag Manager on the first of October this year.

"We are thrilled to be recognised by Google as Tag Manager specialists, because it validates our analytics tagging expertise." said Benjamin Mangold, Search & Analytics Director of Loves Data.

"We are equally excited by the prospect of having a tag management solution developed by Google, so as to streamline the Google Analytics implementation process for both us and for our clients," added Ognian Daskalov, Senior Analytics Technical Specialist.

As tag management experts, Loves Data is well-acquainted with implementing tag management solutions across large (and small) websites, utilising, implementing and maintaining various tagging solutions for clients.

In a recent video about the product, Loves Data cites benefits of using Google Tag Manager as the ability to deploy new tags in minutes, thus reducing reliance on IT departments, the ability to ensure tracking is accurate and the ability to easily modify tracking.

"Because the tool is flexible, free, supports Google and third-party tags and is built on Google’s world-class infrastructure, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ solution that we are already implementing," said Mangold.