Optimizely Consulting

Optimizely Certified Partner

Optimizely Certified Partner

Optimizely is a simple and powerful A/B testing tool that allows tests to be performed with a single piece of additional code on your website. As a Optimizely Partner, we provide test design, implementation and reporting for clients. Loves Data are a Optimizely Certified Partner with extensive experience designing optimal conversion tests and implementing them using Optimizely.

Based on your particular testing requirements our team of experts will either recommend Optimizely or Google Website Optimizer.

Optimizely features include:

  • Simple implementation
  • Visual page editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Real-time reports
  • Integrated cross-browser testing
  • Advanced testing using JavaScript
  • Track multiple goals

Learn more on Optimizely's website or contact us to discuss if Optimizely is suitable for your testing requirements.