Give It Away Now… On Facebook

Businesses, start your promos – you’re not going to get kicked off Facebook for running a giveaway! For the last couple of years, many business owners have been too scared to run promotions and competitions on their pages because Facebook’s long list of rules made it seem like getting banned could be just around the corner.

While Facebook technically allowed giveaways and promotions, it applied such a draconian set of rules and regulations that it almost hasn’t seemed worth it – especially when the penalty for getting it wrong could be losing your entire Facebook presence and following forever!

Facebook refused to let businesses conduct giveaways or competitions directly within their own pages. Instead, promotions have had to sit within third-party apps – essentially Facebook’s way of putting an extra layer of protection between themselves and your potentially litigious punters.

Now, however, Facebook has announced that they’re taking down the barriers and letting businesses administer promotions directly via their own pages.

This means businesses can now, according to today’s announcement:



There are still rules around how exactly it can be done, but this definitely opens up the landscape for businesses to run simple promotions. The complete list of new giveaway terms can be found at the end of Facebook’s announcement.