Top 10 Posts of 2013


Here is a quick look back at our top picks from the blog in 2013. It's been another incredible year and looking at some of these popular posts we have more work ahead... Why? Well because Google has been releasing updates faster than parents wrapping presents for Christmas, which means some of these posts are already overdue for a refresh and 2013 isn't even over yet. Keep reading for the inside track! 1. Impact of AdBlock on DoubleClick tracking code for Remarketing

Since this post the great news is that AdBlock and Google Analytics are much, much happier together and you no longer need to hack your tracking code for greater accuracy. AdBlock no longer blocks the dc.js tracking code.

2. Options for measuring AdWords conversions

This post covers the key ways to measure conversions inside AdWords which are AdWords conversion tracking and importing goal data from Google Analytics.

3. How to recover a deleted Google Analytics account

Hopefully you haven't been naughty in 2013, so you haven't needed to deal with the rather unpleasant feeling of trying to recover a Google Analytics account (or property or view). But if you have been unlucky this post has you covered.

4. New Acquisition reports in Google Analytics

Following the newly refreshed reports we covered the important changes and what you need to know to get familiar with the new Acquisition reports.

5. Demographics reports come to Google Analytics

By integrating data from DoubleClick you can now get insights into your audience right down to gender, age and their interests.

6. Google Analytics visitor segmentation for AdWords Remarketing

Using Analytics for Remarketing is extremely powerful. This posts covers how to use segmentation to create your AdWords Remarketing lists.

7. Getting read for Enhanced Campaigns inside AdWords

In 2013 AdWords saw some major updates, with the biggest being the rollout of Enhanced Campaigns. It is more important than ever before to have your campaigns and advertising strategies aligned to the multi-screen world.

8. How to add organic keyword data into your AdWords account

AdWords now allows you to pull in organic keyword data from Webmaster Tools to make comparisons between your organic and paid performance and also see your overall performance where you are visible in both paid and organic results.

9. New Google Partners announcement

Along with updates to AdWords we also saw the updated AdWords partner program, now called Google Partners. The announcement also saw some great changes to the program and has streamlined everything from certification to coupons.

10. Upgrading to Universal Analytics

And in number 10... upgrading to Universal Analytics, which seems appropriate for a year which has been all about Universal Analytics.

2014 Data Resolutions

So if you haven't had the chance to get your Analytics and AdWords data into line, now is a great time to start thinking about doing some housekeeping to get things in order. What are your data resolutions going to be for 2014?

We also want to give a quick shout out to Adam Singer from Google for inspiring this post. Read Adam's story on how to create your own top 10 post for 2013.