What are Google Drive home screens?


We are constantly feeding data into Google Drive, so we were excited about the announcement that Google was rolling out home screens for Docs, Sheets and Slides. Like you (and a lot of other organisations), we use Google Drive every day to collaborate on everything from client reports and analysis right through to custom data visualisations. So lets find out what these new Google Drive home screens are all about.

What are home screens?

The new home screens are dedicated areas for each file type that you create with Google Drive. When you visit one of the home screens you will find your recently opened files. You can find your home screens at:

The initial feedback to home screens has been a little mixed with some users on Google+ loving the new feature and others who prefer the previous version where every file is accessed from Google Drive. You can still access your files in a consolidated screen by heading to www.google.com/drive which continues to work in a similar way to the previous version.

Google recently said:

...you’ll see your most recently edited files, which means less time searching and scrolling.

Although they were referring to the earlier announcement of the Google Drive mobile apps, this is clearly the direction that is being taken with the web-based experience.

Why home screens?

One reason for the new home screens is to align the way you use Google Drive across desktop and mobile devices. Google recently launched separate mobile apps for Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. The standalone apps are designed so that you focus on a particular type of file when using the app which also means the apps can be streamlined to particular tasks instead of being bloated to cater for every different type of document.

Google Drive Apps

So the web-based home screens mirror the way Google allows us to edit files and is clearly a move to build a seamless experience across any screen we use to create and edit our Google Drive files.

What else is new?

The Google Drive team have been busy launching new features and here are some of the highlights that are worth checking out:

Will you use the new home screens? What do you think of the recent changes to Google Drive?