Loves Data spends a day with Con Dedes on his HeartKids Walk


As soon as the Loves Data team heard that restaurateur Con Dedes was embarking on an epic 100 km walk to raise money for HeartKids NSW, we knew we had to be a part of it. Although we didn’t walk the 100 kms ourselves, we wanted to see the world through Con’s eyes. Luckily, our Director of Digital and Analytics, Benjamin Mangold had a few pairs of Google Glasses lying around – so we got Con geared up and filmed a section of the walk.

A perfect day! The sun was shining as we joined forces with Con as he walked through the streets of Sydney, raising awareness and collecting valuable donations.

Still a kid at heart, Con had heart surgery when he was 6 years old and then again when he was 29.

Con Dedes 3

We were excited to see Con cross the finish line at Deckhouse Woolwich. He was in great shape after his 100 km walk from Wollongong to raise money for HeartKids NSW.

Con Dedes through glass Loves Data blog 2014

The final destination! A well deserved view of Deckhouse Woolwich and its stunning surroundings, photographed by Con using Google Glass.

Con managed to raise $80,000, with $40,000 to go towards congenital heart disease research and to $40,000 to help families of kids with heart disease.

HeartKids NSW are a non-profit organisation run by volunteers and employees, helping families and kids living with congenital heart disease. They offer guidance and support to families in hospitals, at home and in rural NSW and are reliant on the generosity of their members, sponsors and donations. We’re a proud supporter of the Con Dedes HeartKids walk. Go to to donate to this heart-warming cause.