The New Google AdWords Interface


Google has now started to roll out the new AdWords interface to most accounts, and if your account hasn’t been upgraded yet, it will happen soon. The new interface is in line with the redesign of all Google products and should make the tool more “beautiful, consistent and simple”.

As always, you’ll probably need some time to get familiar with the new interface. You might get angry when you need to get to that one page and all of a sudden you really, really can’t seem to find it! But don’t worry: everything is still there, you’ll just have to search a little bit until you get used to it (which gives a whole new definition to the term search marketing!).

Tip from the Loves Data team: Click on the little settings icon in the top right to find your billing settings and transaction history, as well as your account preferences.

Let’s quickly move on to the positive sides of the new interface. The notification icon at the top right is by far our favourite here at Loves Data. It shows you all the ideas that Google has for your account, and once you’re up-to-date…. it shows you a happy smiling bell, telling you that you’re all caught up! Life can’t get any sweeter than this!

Loves Data_New AdWords Interface_2

Loves Data_New AdWords Interface_2

Next to the Happy Bell of Good Fortune, we like the fact that over the past few months Google has cleaned up the Tools tab - a lot. It gives a better overview of when to use which tool: Keyword Planner mostly for search campaigns, Display Planner for display campaigns and the Ad Preview Tool to check if your ad is being shown in the Google search engine or not.

The new interface makes the most important information of your campaigns more visible, and also makes sure that the charts, tables and most necessary tools are easier to see and find (after you’ve gotten used to it of course). In the end, this should lead to you spending less time scrolling and more time actually optimising your campaigns, which is what all Search Marketers want!

What do you think of the new interface? Do you like the Happy Bell of Good Fortune as much as we do?