Work and Play with Google Glass


Google Glass is gaining momentum with a growing number of not only people using Glass for personal applications but organisations exploring how to apply Glass as a business tool. There are simple and practical ways that businesses (or anyone for that matter) can apply Google Glass, from being able to quickly filter incoming emails, to knowing where they need to be for their next meeting, combined with all the benefits of Google Now. Loves Data’s Benjamin Mangold was recently interviewed on Sky News Business about his experience wearing Google Glass:

One of the key advantages of Glass is that it enables you to continue using your hands, so it more seamlessly integrates with your daily life without the need to pull your phone out of your pocket and hold it. There are many other possible business applications being explored right now, including:

  • Supporting the installation of equipment in the field
  • Firefighters getting access to building floorplans before arriving at a fire
  • Airlines getting personal details to welcome their passengers
  • Getting critical patient information to a surgeon during an operation

Imagine getting home with your latest Ikea purchase and being able to talk directly with Ikea’s support team when you can’t figure out where to place the last connector in your bookshelf! Rather than struggling to explain what you’re seeing, the person on the other end of the video call can help you identify exactly what is going on. Now that is a real world solution!

Ikea Support on Google Glass

Ikea Support on Google Glass

It’s time to start thinking about how wearables can fit with your work and personal life. Are you open to the idea of Google Glass, and other wearable technology? Can you see a day where wearable technologies like Glass are as common as having a mobile phone within arm’s reach? Whatever you think, there will be more people using wearables, including Google Glass, over the coming months.