5 Minutes with Analytics Conference Speaker, Carey Wilkins


Carey has over 19 years of digital marketing experience and is President of Evolytics, a US-based consulting agency. Her experience in digital analytics is vast and varied having provided consulting support to companies in finance, retail, healthcare and publishing. In just 5 minutes you will find out where it all began, the coolest and most powerful things Carey has seen people do with data, her biggest digital analytics fail and the next million-dollar app idea she is giving away for free.

Already sold? You can meet Carey in-person at the 2015 Analytics Conference (and yes it’s true, we sold out last year!).

How and when did you first get interested in what you are doing?

I’ve been working in the digital marketing industry for almost 20 years. My first job out of graduate school in 1996 was at an interactive agency where I worked with the team that developed the first Sprint website.

Then, in 2003, I was put into a data-driven planning role at the same agency and I quickly searched for a conference to find ‘my people’ which were those people who were working with web analytics data to measure digital marketing success.

I found the eMetrics Summit and stayed active in the web analytics industry over the following years. In 2008, I joined Evolytics as President, and digital analytics has been a core focus for me ever since.

What's the coolest thing you've seen someone do with analytics data?

I think there’s a different answer for what’s ‘the most powerful thing’ vs. ‘the coolest thing’.

The most powerful thing I’ve seen with analytics data is the business impact of making and/or saving millions of dollars in revenue through A/B testing.

The coolest thing I’ve (recently) seen with analytics data is something my team at Evolytics developed, working collaboratively with our client, the Atlanta Hawks. In Tableau, we created an interactive seating chart for this NBA team which visualises ticket sales by seat within Philips Arena.

What’s been your biggest digital analytics fail?

My biggest analytics fail was trying to grow an analytics team with senior digital marketing leaders whose primary career experience was outside of the digital analytics discipline.

Early on, I had assumed that senior leaders would be able to step in and learn digital analytics quickly, but in fact, they were some of the hardest people to train. I brought on senior talent who knew database architecture or digital marketing but knew nothing about digital analytics. I found that the more senior/experienced they were outside of the digital analytics industry, the harder it was to train them in digital analytics.

I’ve learned to look to recent college grads, or people with 1–3 years of digital marketing/development experience as ideal candidates for training and growing a team of digital analysts.

If you had to choose between WiFi and battery life, what would you choose?

Battery life. I’ve been stranded with a dead phone battery too many times. I’ve learned that you can’t get WiFi if your battery is dead. Hierarchy of needs.

If you created an app, what would it do?

I would create an app that helps you build a parenting plan. Something that helps a parent map out ‘what I want my children to learn from me while they grow up’ topics that range from how to make a cake to life lessons and family ancestry knowledge.

So, where can I meet Carey and learn more from her?

The Analytics Conference is the annual Google Analytics user conference hosted by Google Partners, Loves Data in Sydney and Melbourne. It’s a must-attend for marketers, analysts, IT professionals, SEM specialists and social media practitioners. Expect two action-packed days of insights, best practices and ‘out of the box’ thinking to make you question and improve your own digital marketing methods.

Joining Carey Wilkins will be speakers from Google, Twitter, Optimizely, ADMA and other international industry experts. Tickets start from $575, talk about ROI!