5 Minutes with Analytics Conference Speaker, Chris Samila


Chris manages Strategic Partnerships in the APAC region for Optimizely, a platform that allows website owners to test pages, buttons, colours and page layout all in the name of improving user experience, conversions and ROI. In just 5 minutes you’ll find out where it all began, the biggest website fail still happening in 2015, what bothers him about social media and the most genius idea for pets.

Already sold? You can meet Chris in-person at the 2015 Analytics Conference (and yes it’s true, we sold out last year!).

How and when did you first get interested in what you are doing?

My entire professional career has been in Silicon Valley so I've always loved evangelising innovative technologies that are a radical leap forward. I've previously worked in advanced lighting technology, solar, and electric vehicles. I feel fortunate that today I now have the opportunity to help entrepreneurial organisations embrace data-driven decision making through optimisation. The marketing technology landscape is one of the fastest growing and changing industries globally, especially for start-up companies, so it is a fascinating place to focus one's career and energy.

When it comes to user experience, what's the biggest website fail that you still see happening today?

The fast rotating carousel on homepages and the automatic image sliders. Both are likely to give your conversion rates a black eye even though they are aesthetically appealing. The content users actually came to the site to see is likely pushed down below the fold on the page. A/B test to verify of course.

Cough. Cough. :)

What's your pet peeve on social media?


If you had to choose between WiFi and battery life, what would you choose?

Wifi. Power isn't an issue typically thanks to those handy backup battery packs that slip easily into your bag. They also make awesome gifts for your tech road warrior friends.

What is something that you wish someone had solved by now?

How to keep a kitten ... kitten sized ... forever.

So, where can I meet Chris and learn more from him?

The Analytics Conference is the annual Google Analytics user conference hosted by Google Partners, Loves Data in Sydney and Melbourne. It’s a must-attend for marketers, analysts, IT professionals, SEM specialists and social media practitioners. Expect two action-packed days of insights, best practices and ‘out of the box’ thinking to make you question and improve your own digital marketing methods.

Joining Chris Samila will be speakers from Google, Twitter, ADMA and other international industry experts. Tickets start from $575, talk about ROI!