5 Minutes with Analytics Conference Speaker, Jodie Sangster


Jodie is the Chief Executive Officer of both the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), and Institute for Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA). Her career in marketing and advertising spans over 17 years and includes experience throughout the USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. In just 5 minutes you will find out where it all began, her top social media platform for business, what bothers her about social media and why she’d be a good match with Reese Witherspoon.

Already sold? You can meet Jodie in person at the 2015 Analytics Conference (and yes it’s true, we sold out last year!).

How did you first get interested in what you are doing?

I’m a lawyer who started specialising in marketing, data and privacy issues 17 years ago. I became particularly interested in how data-driven marketing could drive business and I was also interested in compliance and responsible marketing issues as well. I guess I’m a lawyer by profession but a marketer by heart! I found it was a natural extension to move from law to marketing and then to association management.

I became CEO of the Association for Data-driven Marketing in 2011 and in 2014, the opportunity came up to become of the CEO of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia as well. IAPA had approached us for a formal alliance because of the growing links between marketing and analytics. I am passionate about analytics and how it can be used to drive insights for business but also to drive the industry and Australia to a data-driven future.

What’s your favourite social media platform for business?

While LinkedIn is known as the platform for business, I like using Facebook for much of my news now. I find it the perfect bridge between business and social news.

What’s your pet peeve on social media?

How inauthentic some people sound on social. You’ve got to be real.

A second peeve I have at the moment with LinkedIn etiquette. Sometimes when you accept people as business connections they start spamming you with a whack of advertising and it gets to be a bit much. There needs to be some warnings and consequences on the platform about poor business etiquette.

LinkedIn needs to deliver a solution to allow you to immediately ‘unlink’ ‘from those people demonstrating poor business behaviour.

Android or iOS?

I’m on iOS (Apple iPhone 6) at the moment. I like the phone, but I feel Apple is not very share friendly and I sometimes feel trapped by its technology and operating system. They seem to be doing more and more to ‘keep’ people within their technology. Like if you try to change some things with iTunes it won’t let you and you might lose your playlist. This is wrong. Technology needs to be a choice, not an obligation.

Who would you choose to play you in the movie of your life?

Ha, that’s a great question! Well of course I’d like someone like Reese Witherspoon to be the actor to play me in a film about my life. She’s smart, funny and does comedy and drama equally well. But the reality is I think a movie about me starring Reese Witherspoon would be a long shot!

So, where can I meet Jodie and learn more from her?

The Analytics Conference is the annual Google Analytics user conference hosted by Google Partners, Loves Data in Sydney and Melbourne. It’s a must-attend for marketers, analysts, IT professionals, SEM specialists and social media practitioners. Expect two action-packed days of insights, best practices and ‘out of the box’ thinking to make you question and improve your own digital marketing methods.

Joining Jodie Sangster will be speakers from Google, Twitter, Optimizely and other international industry experts. Tickets start from $575, talk about ROI!