5 Minutes with Analytics Conference Speaker, Lea Pica


Lea is an analytics, data visualisation and presentation consultant. On the consulting side, she has managed search and analytics programs for major brands Scholastic, Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren. With specialties like these, hers will always be a hard presentation to follow. In just 5 minutes you will find out where it all began, Lea’s best tips for social media and business, how she tackles analytics problems and her best fonts to get people clicking.

Already sold? You can meet Lea in person at the 2015 Analytics Conference (and yes it’s true, we sold out last year!).

How and when did you first get interested in what you are doing?

I began presenting insights very early on in my career as a search engine marketing coordinator. I found that digging through data and explaining what we saw can influence future business decisions – I was totally hooked. I have a background in theatre so a presentation scenario that can change the audience's minds and hearts really appeals to me.

What's your favourite social media platform for business? Any tips?

There is no question in my mind that I would not be where I am today without Twitter. I remember my very first tweet years ago which said, “what the heck is this thing?” I really couldn't wrap my head around it. But after learning I could use it to connect with like-minded practitioners, and share relevant knowledge to my community, it truly propelled my business forward.

I'm also looking forward to leveraging Twitter's new acquisition, Periscope. I plan to begin live streaming data visualisation and presentation exercises, as well as hold Q&A chats about anything related to analytics, data viz, and presenting. There's nothing I want more than to truly connect with my followers and allow them to get to know the authentic me.

My greatest tip would be to thank new followers and those who share your tweets to strengthen your connections. These are people who have chosen to listen to you in an ocean of chatter because they find what you say valuable.

When presented with an analytics problem, where do you tackle the problem from?

It really depends on the problem, whether it's an implementation issue, how to visualise a particular dataset, etc. But where I start is asking this question: what am I trying to accomplish? This gives me the context I need to approach the problem.

And, I leverage every resource I have at my disposal to solve it. While I consider myself resourceful and tenacious, I hate wasting time on a problem when I know of someone who has the capacity to assist. I love giving colleagues the opportunity to leverage their skills and help collaborate on solutions. We are all like puzzle pieces; helping each other close our own gaps and complete the big picture.

Name a font that gets you clicking.

I LOVE this question! My signature font is Oswald so I have a soft spot for that one. But I also am pulled in by good use of Pacifico, Proxima Nova and Museo Sans. #FontGeek

What is something that you wish someone had solved by now?

I can't believe no one has solved the issue of new moms carrying around their babies in infant car seats when they can't put them in a baby carrier. My baby was in the 99.9th percentile for weight, and yet I had to carry him in this 20-pound [9 kg] seat while running on 2 hours of sleep per night. Someone please put wheels on those things!

So, where can I meet Lea and learn more from her?

The Analytics Conference is the annual Google Analytics user conference hosted by Google Partners, Loves Data in Sydney and Melbourne. It’s a must-attend for marketers, analysts, IT professionals, SEM specialists and social media practitioners. Expect two action-packed days of insights, best practices and ‘out of the box’ thinking to make you question and improve your own digital marketing methods.

Joining Lea Pica will be speakers from Google, Twitter, Optimizely, ADMA and other international industry experts. Tickets start from $575, talk about ROI!