All We Want For Christmas


Have you been naughty or nice this year? While Google’s not exactly Santa, it certainly knows what everyone wants for Christmas.The Google official blog just posted the latest trends in search for gifts and holiday products. If you're wondering what will be THE gift this year, we've got you covered. So, what items are turning out to be the most popular? Drones, hover boards and robots are making techie dreams come true while adult onesies and 90’s gear dominate the fashion scene.

Searches for drones rose 80% over the last year taking this category from gadget to consumer product. The only surprise is that its meteoric rise was dwarfed by that of hover boards which overtook drones in search volumes. It might not quite hover like in the movies, but the powered up skate boards that are currently available are a sure hit this season. Don’t forget to wear a helmet people!

We don't always take fashion advice from Google, but this time, it's spot on - we’re flagging holiday-themed adult onesies as the new ugly Christmas sweater. Knit that, Grandma!

Of course, there’s the usual leap in traffic for smart TVs, watches and new cameras, but this year retro products are populating the wanted list. Polaroid, Adidas and Lego are all coveted brands this gift giving season.

And what do we want for Christmas this season at Loves Data? We’re dreaming of onesie-clad, hovering trainers… Promise we’ll be good!

Most popular Christmas gifts of 2015 according to Google Trends