Amazon’s Drones


They’re back! Just when we were starting to think that Amazon might be giving up on flying drones for more conventional transportation options, the company has posted an update – complete with a video narrated by Jeremy Clarkson. The video illustrates how Amazon Prime Air might work and promises product delivery in 30 minutes or less. The pictured drone carries a few lightweight items and proceeds to deliver the goods, complete with vertical landing on a patch of lawn.

While the video was likely more marketing stunt for Prime services than a promise for the future, it’s worthwhile noting that Amazon isn’t the only one promising fly-in drone deliveries. Google has also been researching the feasibility and developing new ideas for product transportation. It’s stated that these deliveries could become a reality as early as 2017.

In a world that feels increasingly fast-paced and crowded, where congestion competes with instant gratification, drones seem like an inevitability. Marketing ploy or not - Will a drone deliver me hoverboard for Christmas?