Google and Facebook are Best Frienemies Now


Ever since smartphones changed the way we access the Internet on a day to day basis, there's been an ongoing battle for our time, attention and advertising dollars on the new platform. Google, with a reputation for being able to find anything, had long been the predominant force in search and display advertising on desktop. And where people went, so did the advertising dollars.

However, the company soon found itself on the back foot when with the advent of mobile, more and more online content ended up in apps and away from Google’s crawl. Suddenly, Google having all the answers wasn’t such a sure thing.

Today, the search giant found itself making strange alliances to protect its reputation. Google is now working with main advertising competitor Facebook to crawl public profiles and content in the Facebook app. This means that Facebook's public in-app content will soon begin to show in Google search results. The hope from both companies is that Google stays the go-to destination when searching for any information whatsoever, and Facebook gains another avenue to bring users to their app. In the end, it's to both their advantages.

The agreement only covers public content in the Android app, which is dwarfed by the amount of private content generated on the Facebook app in general. To search those users and the content they generate, you will need to continue using Facebook’s own search engine.

No word yet on tools for optimisation when it comes to intersecting search and in-app content, but this news certainly has us looking at keyword density in our Facebook posts.