Gmail Announces Better Spam Detection and Postmaster Tools


So soon after bringing the coveted unsend button to our inboxes, the Gmail team is announcing more changes that promise more of what we want, and less of what we don’t want. Spam, that is… The Gmail machine learning that we have known and loved for so long is getting an update. The Artificial Intelligence being used to serve the Google search engine and Google Now is being unleashed in Gmail. The update promises not only better spam detection and the ability to tell a company’s important email from a sea of newsletters but also a more nuanced and personal approach based on individual preference. However, the best news in this announcement is that the new spam filter will be even better at rooting out email impersonations. So say a happy goodbye to phishing scams.

To help companies who send mass emails in this new era of spam detection, Gmail is also launching Postmaster Tools, which will give companies more insights into what emails their recipients want to see. With Gmail hoping to deliver less spam, and businesses hoping for their emails to be opened, Postmaster Tools already seems like a win-win.

For those of us using Gmail on a daily, minute by minute basis, this means less time sifting through spam, and a lesser chance of missing an important email. I might not want to receive promo emails from airlines, but I would like my boarding pass and flight confirmation, please!