Aussie Startup Attracts Guy Kawasaki


Two million users in less than two years! Sydney-based startup Canva is a fast growing Australian company that's making big waves. Images are everywhere; Google’s now offering free cloud storage but Aussie entrepreneur and Canva CEO, Melanie Perkins, plus her two co-founders have found opportunities closer to the ground.

Melanie’s breakthrough was getting image editing, design and layout flowing faster by freeing it from graphic design studios.

Canva has democratised visual design, especially across social media channels, where input and output have exploded.

Drawing (pardon the pun) on the success of Fusion Books with Cliff Obrechtit, the two joined forces with Cameron Adams and were able to secure $3 million in funding to get Canva started. Guy Kawasaki’s support was the icing on the cake.

Canva is popular because it delivers. It’s intuitive and easy to use – sign in and follow the prompts. Select a base template for your design, choose stock photos or upload yours. From there it’s a matter of picking a font and entering text.

You can customise size and colours. Pre-selections add extra assistance and there’s variety aplenty! Charts, icons and illustrations can also be added. Canva is never going to replace professionally qualified and talented designers but it does enable others to produce very good looking visual content in the space of minutes. Meaning your posts get out on time – and your designers are free to focus their talents where they’re really needed.