New Loves Data Resource: Conversion Testing White Paper


Is your website converting as well as it could be and providing the best possible user experience? If you know the answer to this question, then gold star to your team! If not … then maybe you should be looking at conversion testing and how this can help achieve your digital goals.

Luckily, Loves Data has done a bit of thinking when it comes to conversion testing. Cue a new Loves Data Resource: a free white paper that you can download now. Part of our new White Paper series, we’ll be bringing you even more free resources to help you get more out of your digital marketing activities.

Our first white paper, Testing: more than just an A/B test of your landing page, is now available to download for free. Download the paper to learn:

  • Why you should be broadening your definition of testing in the digital space
  • The four fails of testing
  • Testing tools you can use now

Get this white paper now

There will, of course, be more white papers to come so keep an eye on our blog and social channels (here are some quick links to our Twitter, Facebook and G+). Can’t wait? Then head on over to our resources page for more free resources.