Data Shows Need for Diversity


Technology based companies struggle to achieve and maintain workplace diversity as elucidated by recent reports from Facebook, Apple and Google  regarding their current workforce. All three tech giants have similar numbers with their overall workforces at around 70% male and 30% female. When the numbers in technical roles are scrutinised the ratio worsens to approximately 80:20 (male:female).

Loves Data’s team of analytics and online marketing experts are all technology-driven. They have individual areas of specialisation as well as lots of overlap in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics aka STEM skills.

Loves Data also has a healthy diversity with a 6:4 female to male ration. Our team also reflects Australia’s multicultural diversity.

In terms of ethnicity, 55% of Facebook’s and Apple’s employees are caucasian while at Google it is 60%. These numbers appear to reflect the USA’s demographic breakdown, however, closer scrutiny of the roles presents a different picture. At Apple, 64% of management positions are held by Caucasians, Facebook 73% and Google 72%.

The real work of achieving equal opportunity, skills variety and ethnic diversity in technology industries depends on economics and education. In 2014, only 18% of computer science graduates in the USA were female, of these only 8% were non-caucasian. The figures in Australia are probably similar.

Google has initiatives in place to support teaching coding to kids in elementary school. While Apple is hosting coding events for children at its stores worldwide and donating technology hardware to schools in underserved communities to ensure they have exposure to tech fields.

Facebook is also aiming its ads at female high school students to encourage them to pursue computer sciences in higher education. Other initiatives include scholarships, internships and mentorships through to recruiting and teaching on minority campuses.

Digital analytics and digital advertising are key access points to the digital economy. Loves Data’s hybrid model of campaign management, education courses and conferences, and industry information and networking events, have and continue to make a significant contribution to growth in careers and companies in Australia.

Loves Data is also proud to be working with AIME who have just been placed in BRW’s top 10 places to work in Australia, 2015 for good reason. AIME are doing amazing things with digital and ecommerce to build out the economics, information sharing, education and mentoring driving their programs. Congratulations AIME!