Digitisation Turns on Exciting Lighting


“The electric light is pure information,” said Marshal McLuhan (one of the world’s most farseeing gurus) at the dawn of the socio-technical revolution in 1964. Fifty years later digitisation allows the information from electric light to be manipulated with incredible creativity. Vivid Sydney 2015 showed in spectacular style what the digitisation of light can do to the outside of buildings and how it can attract and transform the movement and behaviour patterns of the city’s population in the process.

And just over a week ago at the Lightfair in New York, lighting giants GE and Phillips showed how the digitisation of light is going to change the way we see the inside of our homes. Philips Hue supported by Apple’s Homekit is underway in the US with scope to operate using Siri voice commands and Apple Watch control.


LEDs and apps with 24/7/365 connectivity, are at the heart of the smaller, brighter, cheaper, safer, more environmentally friendly and cooler (in every way) lighting possibilities.

The US Department of Energy predicts 99% of residential lighting will be LEDs by 2030. IKEA is already making its move with a smart home lighting system. Exciting lighting!