Loves Data Resource: Dynamic Search Ads White Paper


Recently, Google announced an update to dynamic search ads, making this popular search tool even more attractive. Dynamic search ads automatically indexes your site, to create ads that match up with your site’s content and a Google search performed by a user. These dynamic ads will automatically group your website into recommended categories, presenting ads that are even more relevant and targeted. This automation process means you could start showing your ads to search queries you didn’t even know exist (or thought about targeting before). You can literally sit back and relax while the Google AdWords platform does the hard work for you.

We’re guessing you’re tempted to give dynamic search ads a go, so to help to get you started we’re releasing our second white paper, A guide to Google AdWords dynamic search ads’.

In this white paper we’ll walk you through:

  • What Dynamic Search Ads are
  • Who uses Dynamic Search Ads
  • How to set up Dynamic Search Ads
  • Best practice recommendations

Get your hands on this free resource today and make the most out of your search advertising.

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