Earth Day: How are you Supporting our Environment?


This Wednesday, 22 April marks Earth Day, a UN-backed international calendar event that pushes environmental issues back onto the agendas of world leaders. Through its Canopy Project, Earth Day 2015 aims to plant one billion trees worldwide, with every dollar donated leading to one tree planted. The event also focuses on building awareness of environmental issues through community projects.

We’ve put together an infographic on Australian household energy use, to put into perspective the contribution the average person leaves on the environment. Small changes in your day-to-day habits can make a huge difference in your energy consumption – these are the activities that make up to bulk of our household energy use. For example, using fans instead of air conditioning, LED lightbulbs instead of incandescents, limiting hot water usage and turning off unused appliances at the plug.


At Loves Data, we care a lot about sustainability and the environment. Limiting the use of air conditioning at work, using recycled paper and printing only when necessary, supplying dedicated bins for waste, recycling and co-mingled as well as donating to environmental causes are just some of the ways we like to help give back what we’ve taken out. If you’d like to support an environmental cause, one of the organisations we work closely with is WWF Australia, who were also involved heavily in organising Earth Hour last month.

So whether it’s switching off at the plug, or supporting amazing organisations like WWF Australia, have a think about how you can give back to our Earth.