Renewable Energy Pods for Two Bods


Nomads rejoice. Introducing the Ecocapsule, an egg-shaped initiative by Slovakian company, Nice Architects. It’s a self-contained home that weighs 1,500 kg, features a 9,744-watt/hour battery, a 750-watt wind turbine and solar panels that will allow you to live in comfort for an entire year sun-assisted. Ecocapsule is a gift of renewable energy and human ingenuity to researchers in remote locations and emergency crews in disaster-stricken areas. This home away from home is transportable (you can tow it with a car) and designed for you and it to live happily in harmony with the environment. It collects and filters rainwater, has a kitchenette with running water, a flushing toilet, shower, desk and sleeps two.

All up, the Ecocapsule is about 4.5 metres long and 2.4 metres wide so you’re probably going to learn quite a lot about the person you’re sharing it with...

Ecocapsule costs around $10,000 plus freight (it fits in a standard shipping container) from its country of origin, Slovakia. Getting it to Australia costs approximately $2,000.

Nice Architects unveiled the Ecocapsule at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna and will be accepting pre-orders later this year. Let your imaginations run free with their gorgeous photographs in the meantime:

Ecocapsule under the stars
Ecocapsule in the snow
Ecocapsule on a mountain