Facebook’s New Tools for Nonprofits


Every day someone, somewhere, is supporting a good cause, raising awareness or soliciting donations on Facebook. It’s a favourite place for organisations to engage with their audience and supporters. Recently, Facebook announced it's testing tools to make it easier for nonprofits to develop these relationships into future resources. Among the new tools Facebook is testing is a new feature called ‘Fundraisers’. ‘Fundraisers’ will be a brand new place for nonprofits to mount specific campaigns, giving them the real estate to tell a fuller story about their cause. ‘Fundraisers’ will also be able to gather donations and rally support right from the campaign page. It will even be possible to add a donation progress bar for each campaign.

The donate button is also being tested for increased functionality and visibility. A donation page and donate button can be added to the nonprofit page on ‘Fundraisers,’ giving users a consistent and easy to find a pathway to donations. The donate button will also feature on posts. This new visibility allows users sharing posts to easily donate to a cause or campaign without having to navigate to the nonprofit’s page.

Facebook is currently working with 37 partner nonprofits based in the United States to test and experiment with some of these new functions, and they’re looking to sign up more. Loves Data works with a variety of nonprofits and charities including AIME, Biennale of Sydney, The Fred Hollows Foundation and WWF Australia. We’re looking forward to being able to help spread the good word even further when Facebook ‘Fundraisers’ in Australia!