Facebook Reactions


A month after hints from Mark Zuckerberg about a ‘sympathy button’ on the horizon for Facebook, the company has announced tests for a new feature called ‘Reactions’. The new function will allow users to express more nuanced emotions than can be conveyed with the current ‘Like’ button. Reactions will feature a menu of six emoji ranging from happiness and astonishment to sadness and anger. Since major changes to the platform have, in the past caused upheaval, Facebook is choosing to test the new feature in a limited market starting in Ireland and Spain. However, where Reactions emoji are available, they can be used personal and businesses pages, and will appear on desktop and mobile.

Facebook is hoping that this will also mean more detailed insights for its Pages owners. Reactions (where testing) will be available in Pages Insights, and Pages owners are being encouraged to continue efforts to engage their audience in compliance with Pages best practices.

Here at Loves Data, we can’t wait to try it, so we’re hoping for a resounding success.