Facebook Takes on Video


Facebook is making no attempts to hide its plans to take over the Internet! After acquiring Instagram to embrace photography and short videos, and messaging with its dedicated messenger app, it's seriously taking aim at videos. Facebook is testing a 'friendly discovery' video feed, where users can access videos posted from friends and business pages they follow, as well as suggested videos.

The move puts Facebook in direct competition with online video content leader YouTube which recently released data suggesting an ever increasing number of users consuming ever more video content.

But a user-friendly video feed is not the only reason Facebook will be a fierce competitor. The social media giant has recently enabled 360-degree video on the platform and introduced Live Feeds for its celebrity users and their followers.

‘Suggested videos’ is currently testing on some iPhone Facebook apps. No word on the eventual roll out, but the Facebook blog is reporting positive results. For those of us who manage Facebook pages, this could present new opportunities for engagement with our videos and to keep users in contact with our brands for longer. It's especially good news for marketers who are worried about the recent popularity of ad blocking software – with the ability to promote videos using Facebook's great targeting options.