Facebook's Immersive Canvas Ads

Facebook’s new Canvas ads (currently being tested) are designed to engage users in a more immersive way, helping to shape Facebook’s overall native brand awareness and shopping experience, especially on mobile. Canvas is essentially Instant Articles for advertisers. When these immersive ads are used an ad click leads to a full page ad of branded content that's hosted by Facebook.

By providing a more versatile platform for businesses beyond just Pages and sponsored posts, Facebook is making it possible for marketers to create brand experiences without having to push users to other websites – thereby providing faster loading speeds and improving end-user experiences.

While nearly all publishers have been in a race to provide enhanced features for advertisers whether in dynamic or interactive ads, Facebook is in a unique position to capture users in a moment of heightened interest or curiosity. While Google Search is likely to continue to be top of the tree for targeted online advertising, Facebook offers opportunities to engage audiences further up the funnel.

At a time when ad blocking on mobile is grabbing headlines, Facebook’s Canvas ads offer a lean, unintrusive option for engaging users on a visual platform. The features are still testing and have yet to roll out to a broader audience but Canvas ads already have a record of success. We’re watching and waiting in anticipation!