Through the Crystal Ball - The Future of Mobile Facebook Ads


What does the future of Facebook’s mobile advertising look like? In a presentation at Cannes Lions in France, Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer at Facebook, revealed what’s potentially on the cards. Check out the video over at re/code.

Facebook’s mobile advertising vision is a post that can open into full-screen visuals or even an interactive, 3D version of the product itself. Essentially, it’s a fusion of Facebook’s existing product ads, but one that allows advertisers to display a version of a website without ever venturing out of the Facebook app.

However, marketers should stop drooling over the new design because Facebook hasn’t even started testing the ads yet, let alone given a release date. The intention of showing the mobile ads at Cannes was to get valuable feedback from marketers. It’s just one road that Facebook can go down if there’s enough positive encouragement - which is no surprise considering that 94% of Facebook’s income is from advertising.

It’s not the first time Facebook’s experimented with in-app content. Earlier this year, they announced Instant News, which hosts publisher’s articles without ever leaving the Facebook application. It was immediately a big hit with large media organisations such as BuzzFeed and The New York Times because more and more people are steering away from news sites, instead digesting articles that appear in their Facebook news feed.

Of course, whether or not Facebook decides to go ahead with this new mobile advertising, they’ll still be battling with the age-old paradigm of catering to marketers without oversaturating users with advertising.