Gmail Officially Adds ‘Undo Send’


If you’ve ever noticed a typing error right after you’ve sent an email or regretted pressing the send button the instant you did, ‘undo send’ could just be your new favourite Gmail feature.

Although it’s been around in beta for years, we’re glad this nifty function has finally made it to the official settings page. To take advantage of this feature, click ‘Settings’ in your settings wheel menu and scroll down to ‘Undo Send’. (If you keep Gmail open all the time, you may need to reload your page to see the new feature.) Check the ‘Enable Undo Send’ box and set your cancellation period, anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save Changes’.

From then on, after you hit send an email, an option will appear at the top of your inbox to ‘Undo’. Clicking ‘Undo’ will cancel sending of the email and return you to your draft. During our test of this feature, we discovered that five seconds is not very much time to react and click ‘Undo’, so if you haven’t been using ‘Undo Send’ in beta, set your cancellation period for longer so you’re less likely to miss the window.

Much like the Gmail reminder to attach documents, ‘Undo Send’ is likely to save us on a regular basis. So we have a feeling it will soon be another feature we can’t remember living without.