Google Glass Eyes Wearable Future


We’ve been on high alert watching and waiting for what’s coming next with Google Glass after the original Google Glass Explorer program segued across to Enterprise under Nest CEO Tony Fadell. In April, luxury eyewear maker Luxottica confirmed the rumours of a partnership with Google. Since then the rumours have been flying in the direction of a more B2B and enterprise-driven future for Glass.

Fast Company is reporting ‘Google Wants You to Wear the New Google Glass at Work’ and Google has outlined a new way of recording video on a Glass-like wearable that would allow video content to be indexed and searchable. As with other photo apps, recorded content would be tagged for time and location and then uploaded to a server. The differences in this patent are: the added indexing; playback via search; and automated recording functionalities.

Recorded content will be indexed for items such as tourist attractions, famous buildings, art and even faces to enable users to search within video and audio recordings. Users will be able to ask, “Who did I meet at the networking event last night?” and pull up the matching video recordings.

Another innovation in this patent, and one which in part addresses potential battery issues, allows the device to start recording automatically using preset instructions, upon arrival at a designated location for example. The patent also includes some machine learning, such as automated recording on return visits to location where recordings have been made previously.

Apart from retrieving recordings on demand with voice commands the technology behind this patent will also allow sharing on social media or via the cloud – allowing information transfer and new forms of engagement and interaction. The patent lists a potential application where a security team’s recordings can later be reviewed by a supervisor instructing the device to “Show all faces seen between 1.00 PM and 1.30 PM”

While these functions are clearly still in development the approval of the patent shows we are right to remain excited and alert. Google Glass clearly has an eye on the future of wearable technologies.

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