Google Glass Makes Cars


When we last heard from the Google's Glass team, it was not giving up on the consumer market, instead, they’re shifting focus to get commercial and enterprise solutions off the ground. Most of the news concentrated on the applications for a typical office worker or perhaps someone in the medical field, but this week we learned that one of the first successful trials with Google Glass at work, is actually at car manufacturer Volkswagen. Google glass is worn on the assembly line to help workers select the correct part to be assembled and ensure that it is correctly placed. It uses a combination of visual and tactile cues and responds to both touch and voice commands. The version of Glass being worn at the factories is running custom software for Volkswagen. The company initially ran a three-month trial to assess if the new headgear would be useful for workers on the floor. Since then, the company has deemed the trial successful and rolled out the device to more of its team.

Google’s working with a number of enterprise partners to develop more commercial applications for its product, so we’ll soon hear more stories about creative uses for Glass. The next generation of products for consumers will no doubt take lessons from every commercial application. We can't wait!