Google Glass Opens For Business


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has been quietly distributing a new version of Google Glass to software developers. Google Glass is in effect a wearable computer with the portability and flexibility that goes with this. The Glass at Work section of Google’s developer resource seems to support these reports. One of the biggest objections to Google Glass when it first launched was its recording ability. The device was soon seen by many as an anti-social, privacy-invader. However, this new enterprise iteration circumvents these concerns as users will be wearing them in privately owned facilities for specialised work-related tasks.

Judging from the list of Glass Certified Partners, enterprise targets are in medicine, logistics and manufacturing. The revamped device is said to feature a button-and-hinge system to attach it directly to spectacles, instead of the wire frame of the original explorer version.

The reports also suggest the new Google Glass for enterprise will feature a longer and thinner glass screen with horizontal and vertical adjustments. Processing will also be sped up with a new Intel processor. Battery life will be increased and a magnetically attachable battery pack will also be available.