Google Maps Gets More Helpful


At Loves Data, known as Google specialists, we work hard to stay ahead of the curve which is why great ideas from outsiders are often greeted with sighs and “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Experience tells us the simplest and most useful innovations often seem... well, obvious. And that’s exactly what we thought about the latest Google Maps feature.

Google Maps has amassed information from millions of shops and businesses from Google+ Local and Google Places. So Google Maps knows more than just directions to where you’re going. Its latest feature will warn you if the shop or business you’re planning on visiting is closed. In fact, since the app knows how long it will take you to arrive, it will warn you if your destination will be closed when you arrive (even if it’s open at the time you’re doing your planning). Ignore it at your peril!

At the moment the update is Android only but most features make it to the App Store soon after Google Play releases them.