Google Tone Sounds Promising


Google Tone a new experimental Google Chrome extension sounds as if it has potential for Loves Data. It uses your computer’s microphone and speakers to send and receive audio signals to exchange URLs for web pages, images, docs, blog posts, videos and search results etc. The computers need to be within earshot of each other. Love Data sees potential in Google Tone as a neat way of sharing URLs with attendees during Loves Data’s Google Analytics and Google AdWords training, after hours events and this year’s Analytics Conference. Instead of having to copy URLs shown by the presenter attendees would receive them at the press of a button.

Google Tone is still at the experimental stage and background noise and the distance between computers can interfere with the signal. Google has already confirmed that it works over Hangouts and broadcast media.

We’ll keep you posted on how we go with Google Tone. If you decide to give it a go yourself we’d love you to share your experience with us and our readers.