Google Video Advertising Goes 360°


Get ready to be wowed – Google’s fast growing mobile and video advertising snowball is now rolling in all directions with 360 degree video ads. This new creative-interactive video advertising has been produced with mobile users top of mind (it works on desktops too). It utilises the functionality and flexibility of viewing that users have on mobile. Essentially, it allows video viewers to explore a 360 degree video by moving their device around (or by moving the mouse if you’re stuck behind a desk). The experience on mobile is mesmerising as you get to explore a 360 degree world. It's even better if you’ve managed to get your hands on a Google Cardboard viewer.

Not surprisingly, this new type of interactive video advertising is already delivering better engagement metrics. 360 degree video advertising is available via TrueView ads. If you need a demo for a little extra convincing head over to YouTube and check out this ad from Nike. You can view the 360 degree ad in a Chrome browser, but the best way to experience it is in the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device.

Be careful as you move around – this is how coffees get spilled!