Google Unveils New Logo and Other Updates


Google and its divisions are having a very big day.

Google Gets a New Look

Just weeks after Google announced restructuring a new umbrella entity named Alphabet the search company is updating its look with a fresh new logo. The update continues the flattening trend that the logo has undergone in the past few years, but will be the most significant change since 1999. Watch how the logo’s evolved.

Coming along with the new logo is a new identity family. Bid farewell to the familiar lower case blue 'g' that has seen us through thick and thin, and say hello to the four-color, upper-case one taking its place. Other updated visuals include tiles for Google+, My Business, Maps and News.

Google's new logo

Adwords Adds Gmail

Google is making native Gmail Ads available to all advertisers on AdWords. In the same announcement, Google has stated that text ads in Gmail are being removed in favour of high-quality native ads. Each ad will have a collapsed version which displays in the inbox, and an expanded version for when a user clicks on the ad. This offering will be part of the Google Display Network and advertisers will be able to create them through Ad Gallery.

Webmaster Central with a Mobile Friendly Update

A few months ago Google Search announced an update to their search algorithm that was commonly referred to as ‘mobilegeddon’. The update meant websites with mobile friendly pages would get a boost when a search was performed on mobile. Today, Webmaster Central is announcing an update to the algorithm. As of November 1, 2015, mobile web pages that show an interstitial encouraging users to install the app on the transition from the search result page will no longer be considered mobile-friendly.

Google previously hinted this update in a blog post from Google+, which ditched interstitials to encourage app downloads because of their ineffectiveness and annoyance to users. Google is advising websites to replace interstitials with banners.